Thursday, January 26, 2006

Moved to Country Villa SNF last night

Very long story very short:
Denise was moved to a new venue last night.
Country Villa Monrovia
615 W. Duarte Rd.
Monrovia CA 91016 (corner of Duarte Rd. & Tenth Ave/Alamitas Ave.)
626-358-4547 (ask for Denise Williams)
You can email her at
If you can go by & visit, please do so. Bring a book to read in case she's sleeping. The staffing is a little thin by comparison to what she came from, so a little extra attention for her during the daytime would be appreciated (we have someone lined up to help through the first few nights 7pm-7am). At the moment, we don't have a schedule of her therapy sessions. There's a very nice courtyard that she'd probably like to go wheeling through in her chair.
More details later on.


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