Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Six months in hospital, Galium scan & possible move to SNF tomorrow, J-G again?

At the moment, here's what's up...
It's been six months in the hospital today.
Galium scan is on deck for tomorrow and if the results come back clear, Denise will likely be moved to the Foothill Nursing & Rehab Center tomorrow. It turns out that the facility that the USC doctor thought about moving Denise to wasn't on either. We really think that the hospitalist tried her best to argue our case, but the decision was out of her hands. The facility was not contracted with Denise's medical group nor with the insurance company, and the decision makers felt that Denise's condition didn't warrant the care of that USC doctor (a critical care/trauma specialist). That's probably true enough. But she's not a regular patient, either. Her history lays that out quite clearly.
There are a few silver linings. It's not a holiday weekend. The transfer would happen on the watch of the hospitalist that's been following Denise, instead the doctor covering for her. They're willing to shuffle transfer times so that I will be off work and can accompany Denise during the transfer. Also, I received an email from one of Denise's good friends. Her uncle knows the administrator at the SNF and had good things to say. I'll take good news wherever I can find it.
Now here's an interesting "what if" situation...
It's been brought up that perhaps another try at a J-G tube would be helpful. If Denise's intestines can absorb food, then use them. That still involves an entry point for infection, but after some time, the TPN could be stopped, which infection-wise presents a double-whammy (entry point for infection and lots of sugar for bacteria to play in). As noted in last night's blog post, TPN presents other risks, too. This idea came from the same school parent that had the idea of moving Denise to USC, where he's a surgeon. And this stuff is apparently right up his alley. We'll be asking about exploring this possibility tomorrow. It probably wouldn't make much difference about her going to the SNF, but at least she would go with an alternate feeding method already in place that they can start up when she's been there for a few days.
Keep pulling for Denise. All sorts of interesting things are happening fast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are pulling for Denise, and for you and the kids as well Phil. I can't imagine going through what you all are. How could you possibly do it without the tremendous faith that you live in the love and care of our Lord? Our prayers continue to lift you (ALL) up to God and trust in his loving care and wisdom. Carol B.

January 19, 2006 12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're still praying for you & Denise. Lord, please continue to give the Williams family strength to fight the good fight. Please keep infection away from Denise and give her doctors wisdom. Direct her care and place those in her path that will accomplish Your will. We pray in Jesus's name. Amen.

May God bless you all,
A former PCS Mom

January 19, 2006 5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil and Denise, You continue to be in our constant prayers. I truly believe this is yet another chapter of the testamony you will be sharing from many podiums. Try to rest, Denise is in our Lord's gentle and secure hands.Both of you have touched so many lives and your faithfulness has blessed us all. Hang in there, my precious friends. Phil, remember that Jesus loves to give us piggyback rides. Love you four bunches and bunches!!!! Diane Evans & Family

January 19, 2006 8:05 PM  

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