Thursday, January 12, 2006

Room 541 Huntington Hospital, Meals, Freezer?

Denise is in room 541 in the east tower at Huntington Hospital. The phone number direct to her bedside phone is 626-397-8164. Posted visiting hours are 11am-8pm.
Because her high calcium might be caused by immobility and lack of weight-bearing activity, we're trying to get the hospital to provide her multiple PT/OT sessions throughout the day. My aunt's there now trying to see if that can be lined up, and trying to talk to the hospitalist (doctor in charge of the case) and as many specialists as possible. Gracie & I went by for a short visit before work. Denise was happy to see us. But she had already thrown up a couple times this morning and once while we were there. TPN should start later today to get some calories in her and meat on her bones.

We have a need for a chest freezer in which to store frozen meals. Before buying a smallish one, I thought I'd see if anyone has an empty one in a garage somewhere that we can borrow for a while. That leads me to the meals... A teacher from my school has been coordinating meals for our family. She's got an option of donating for frozen meals if cooking something isn't up your alley. Contact Margot at or 626-791-1214x258.

Oh, Costco run today, anybody? Call my cell 626-429-4244.


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