Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bone scan, g/j tube reinsertion brought up

Denise went for her bone scan today. It was a long, hard day for her. She was up from 10am to 4pm with no naps. They had a hard time finding a place to inject her with the radioactive isotope. Then they tried to put a pad onto the table during the scan, but it wasn’t soft enough and was plenty painful for her. There will be an appointment with the endocrinologist on Monday to find out the results. I’ll be back at work that day (more on starting back up at work in another post), but we’re blessed that the aunt nurse will be taking Denise for that.

Between the injection and the scan, Denise gobbled down a bunch of tempura shrimp & other food from the same Thai place we were going to while she was at the hospital. But she also threw up twice today, triggered by gagging on pills both in the morning and after dinner tonight. She was able to hold lunch down quite well, though. I brought that up to the case manager today (actually, we’ve been dealing with the supervisor for the case manager that was in charge of Denise’s first discharge), who thought the simple solution was TPN through an IV, or a g-tube. Denise had g-tube trouble earlier, and a j-tube worked better… until the g-tube migrated). Anyway, a feeding tube can work at home, but we hope that it doesn’t need to come to that again.

As far as cold hard stats go: pulse 112, blood pressure 110/70, sodium low at 129, potassium up to 4.6, liver normal, calcium’s high at 11.5 (too much calcium can make a person tired), didn’t do a magnesium workup, so we don’t know about that.


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