Friday, January 06, 2006

Rehab evaluation, Neuro appointment, Home IV

Denise walked on the patio for a bit, but she’s otherwise getting more tired & sleepy, and I fear that we’re losing even more ground. It’s been insane trying to get everyone to work together to get the appointments, labs, rehab, etc. We did get a visit from a rehab outfit called Rehab Without Walls. It sounds great. But the person sent to evaluate Denise wasn’t sure that Denise would be able to endure the program. She went so far as to say she thought that Denise got discharged too early. It was nice to hear someone from outside the situation say the same thing I was thinking. Anyway, they will accept Denise into the program. If she can endure, great. If not, they’re going to make some noise for us to get some other PT/OT people out to see Denise. It’s frustrating because we were told with the first discharge that we’d get the PT & OT at home. With this discharge, we were told that Denise was too good to go back to hospital rehab, then that home rehab would be lined up, then that Denise would have to be evaluated first, then that someone would call us on Monday. Several days later, it finally happened. The Rehab Without Walls people said that the authorization didn’t come in until recently. Paperwork, paperwork.
We went to the neurologist appointment today. It was a long wait and Denise was fatigued. So she got up out of the wheelchair and walked a long way around the waiting room with the walker. Then she sat in a regular chair, then stretched her legs by taking a walk again. That was a nice period of activity for her today. The neuro doctor stopped Denise’s anti-seizure med (Topamax). He said that it can cause loss of appetite. He started her on two other meds instead (Lexapro & Lamictal). One’s an anti-seizure med and the other’s a mild anti-depressant that increases appetite. He thought that Denise was exhibiting symptoms of clinical depression.
Because of Denise’s electrolyte status and probable dehydration, an IV has been ordered. My aunt started it at 10:15 and it’s supposed to run for ten hours while Denise is sleeping, or trying to sleep. She gets uncomfy and I have to help turn her every hour & a half or so during the night. Yeah, I’m tired too. Should make going back to work real interesting. But considering what Denise has gone through and what she’s going through, I don’t have much to complain about.
A big positive is that it looks like we’ve got our stethoscope all lined up. Thank you to those that responded to the need!


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