Monday, January 16, 2006

Move NOT today, but on the horizon

After making some calls, a couple things were clarified:
  • Denise is not being moved today. It's on the horizon, though, and the case manager is trying to see if there's a bed at the skilled nursing facility. If there's no bed, she just stays at the hospital.
  • The Foothill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is the only SNF in the medical group's network that can handle patients on TPN. So there are no other choices. Reading comments to Saturday's post, I've got concerns, but in checking their ratings & violations, I'm encouraged by recent improvement (or is it just that the 2005 stats haven't been tabulated & posted yet?). I'm going to try to get a visit/tour as soon as I'm done typing this to try & check things out for myself.
  • If Denise were to stay at home, we'd have to have a nurse come to the home to do the TPN IV, blood tests, insulin, etc. According to Denise's case manager from her medical group, we're allowed 100 visits with a $15 copay per visit. Those 100 visits would get used up pretty fast.
  • In the SNF, in general, there is no copay for the first 20 days, then there is a $50 per day copay beyond that. Again, that's just in general. Of course, PacifiCare's computers are still down, so they can't tell me anything about Denise's specific copay arrangement at this facility.


Blogger Wanda & Dennis said...

I'm glad things did not happen today. I think somehow your specialists must not allow this to happen any time soon. First you really have to know what is going on with the periodic vomiting. Why send someone to a SNF --- that's not what it is for. Denise needs to get built up & stronger & heavier & able to eat & keep it down...........etc. etc.

I don't know but is there someone like a patient advocate there? I don't know if that type person could also help or not. But somehow these Drs. need to realize that TPN might be the answer BUT until you know what the problem is........well it may NOT be the solution to the problem.

Denise has so much "history" that for a SNF to know & understand all that has gone on.........well, it is way too much. They have to understand the history, etc. to have a clue about the care.

Keep plugging along & we'll keep praying. I will pray for absolutely NO beds in that SNF for at least a month maybe more!!


January 16, 2006 4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go with that gut instinct that you have had in these past few months. They have proven to be right on through a lot of this ordeal. Especially now with Denise being so fragile, it's important to keep fighting like we know that you have been doing. Keep up the good, exhausting work. You are doing a fabulous job Phil. It was great seeing you and Denise yesterday...though it made me miss you all more!

January 16, 2006 6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

I am in total agreement with what Wanda & Rachel have posted. I will be praying the same way. I have felt all along that she was being sent home too soon. I know that is hard on all of you, because of course we all want her home, but in God's time, NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Please Father, continue to go ahead of our brother and intervene on their behalf.

We love you all,

January 16, 2006 10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Phil, you are Denise's strongest advocate. You know what she has been through all these months. I, too, am praying for NO available bed!! Denise needs constant care and attention. And, she needs more than 45 minutes of therapy a day.

January 16, 2006 11:16 PM  

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