Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tube feeding started, Galium scan results

Feeding started through the tube sometime late last night or early this morning. It was set at 20ml per hour. Each ml has 1.2 calories. Around 2pm this afternoon it was turned to 40ml/hr. Apparently when they hit 60cc, that should be enough for weight gain. The GI doctor also verified that Denise can drink and eat again. She ate very little dinner tonight... just a little bit of chicken, but it's stayed down so far.
She had periods of emesis last night and today even though she wasn't eating anything. It was a little bit... just enough to glaze the bottom of the emesis bowl up to maybe 20cc of brownish stuff. It was usually set off by trying to take a pill, or maybe sitting up too fast after laying down a long time. She also been having hiccups that started a few days ago.
Official word on the galium scan is that there's nothing to be concerned about. Liver's a little enlarged (no surprise... been that way for months, I think), isotope collected in breasts (consistent with recent pregnancy, according to the nurse), and didn't show any abcesses in the colon.
She had no fevers beyond the 100 she had last night. I found out that it's fairly common to spike a one-time fever after a minor procedure like what she had done. Blood pressure 110/70, blood sugar 135... not bad for being on TPN, which is being lowered as the J-tube feeding is being increased.
She had another big day for visitors. Three of her college buddies came by, her mom & dad came to town, and of course there was me (again & again & again). I'm there so much that I'm thinking of just buying a season pass. :O)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your faithfulness to all of us who read your blog for your wife. Our sermon today was the section on Matthew where Peter is on the water with Jesus. He started to sink when he was focusing on the waves, but keeping his focus on Christ, Peter stopped sinking and was on top of the water with Jesus. Phil, you are my example of Peter. You are by showing your devotion and love for Denise and your whole family. Jeannette and I continue to pray for you, Denise and your family. Tom and Jeannette in Arcadia.

January 22, 2006 8:54 PM  

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