Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Walk with no rest stops, Another lunch date

This morning's post covers yesterday, Monday Dec 12...
A first: Denise used a walker and walked from her room to the end of her hall *without* sitting down along the way! Then she walked most of the way back. I didn't realize this, but in previous perambulations, she had to take a few rest stops. Not this time. She started wearing athletic shoes and said that they relieve some of the pain of walking. The crew sitting at the nurse's station cheered her on. I love that she walks down the hall and the staff will stop what they're doing for a few seconds to watch & encourage her as she walks by. Denise said that she kept going because I brought Jacob with me and "dangled him in front of her like a carrot." Jacob does have pink eye, but the doctor said he can get back to the regular world after he's been using the eye drop medicine for about a day. He said it'd probably be OK to bring him to Denise as long as they don't give each other butterfly kisses. Better safe than sorry, we didn't have him touch Denise. He kept saying, "Mama! Mama!" as Denise was walking along. Yay! His comfort level with her keeps increasing! A parent from my school came by to deliver lunch for us at the hospital and occupy Jacob in the waiting room so Denise & I could be together during lunch. We had Greek food, which she had been craving since we missed this year's local Greek Fest. She ate about half of her food. "Only half of it?" you might ask. Yes, but bear in mind that those crazy Greeks give you insane portions of food, God bless 'em! A couple prayer moms from my school paid another visit. Denise always loves those times. By the evening she was tired, but sounded great... stronger voice, with more animation, than I've heard in recent weeks. She held all her food down. The neurologist came by and said that things are OK from his perspective. He commented that her temples are filling back in and she's looking increasingly better over the last few days. All in all, a very good day!


Blogger cwinwc said...

I'm so glad that Denise was able to experience a good day. Let Denise know that people from as far away as Central Florida are pulling and praying for her.
God Bless.

December 13, 2005 12:45 PM  

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