Friday, December 02, 2005

Family dinner, Catheter removed, Pig pens

All of Denise's meals stayed down today! Our family ate dinner together tonight. Well, Denise had already eaten dinner before we arrived, but she nibbled on our food, too. We all got to sit at the edge of the bed together. Jacob was interacting well... still not a cuddle-bug like Gracie, but an easy smiler and increasingly comfortable every time he sees mommy. It was my dad's birthday today, so we called & sang "Happy Birthday." In different keys all at once so he could pick his favorite. My dad's big into southern gospel quartet music, in which families often form groups. Some families just shouldn't sing together. Even recovering from having trach in her throat for several months, Denise still sings better than I do.
Most of the workouts were done from the hospital bed, as she was very tired today. The urine catheter was removed today. I don't know if they're starting bladder training, or if it just came out, like the feeding tube did the other day.
Driving back after dinner, Gracie asked if she could see the piggies in mommy's pants the next time we visit. Yeah, you can read that last bit over if you like, but I *did* say piggies in the pants. OK, After lots of Q&A, I figured out that Gracie thought mommy said she was wearing "pig pens" on her bottom. What Denise actually said was that she was wearing Depends on her bottom. Part of the fun of being around kids is figuring out why they say what they say. It gave me a chuckle; hopefully you too.

Email list goofiness: Please be patient. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. Until everything's sorted out, I'm removing the link to subscribe for email updates.


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