Sunday, November 27, 2005

New feeding tube on deck, Less cookie-tossing

Hopefully everyone's returned home from the Thanksgiving weekend, and no worse for the wear. In the last post, I listed a few things I was thankful for. I read some of the posts from the opening days of our ordeal in July, and from the middle of September, just to compare with how things are now. Yes, she is still very ill, I don't really anticipate her being home for Christmas, and we have lots more cheerleading to do for Denise. But she's way, way, WAY better now than before. This was punctuated by a visit from a friend today that said the last time she saw Denise, she was on a ventilator, unable to speak or move, heavily sedated... it was great for them to be able to interact again.
Tomorrow morning a new feeding tube will be put in. The feeding tube came out today, by accident. The nurse said they went to move Denise, and there was the tube, all pulled out. On the positive side, the vomiting has been less frequent yesterday & today. It's still an issue, but she's been able to eat a meal here & there without tossing her cookies. Let's hope that the trend can continue so she can get some nutrition and get on the road to healing. Heart rate is around 110 with help of coreg, blood pressure 110-120 systolic, no fevers. I provided with a printout of labs from today and yesterday. I noticed that one of the liver enzymes was elevated again, and her potassium went high (6.2).


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