Friday, November 18, 2005

Four Months in the hospital, Denise doesn't want to hurt anymore

Today marks four months in the hospital... a third of a year.
Not much today was earth-shaking. No seizures, blood pressure improved to 110 systolic (coreg's being held off if she dips below 105), potassium keeps bottoming out (3.2). She's tired & gets dizzy if sitting up too long. A limit on fluid intake has been set at 1500ml/day, I assume in response to her unusual desire to keep drinking water the day of her seizure (water's good for you... but it is possible to get too much). The wound vac has been gone for a day or two (the last time I saw it was when Denise had the seizure on Wednesday. I don't know why it was discontinued, but she now has an Acticoat dressing instead. The Acticoat dressing is super-fancy, and in researching it, I just now learned that it has silver in it. What... once she wears it long enough, they'll upgrade her to gold and then platinum status or something?

Tonight Denise was very weary and said she doesn't want to hurt anymore. That reminded me of something I heard on the radio yesterday. There are two types of people in the world: those that are hurting now and those that will be hurting. I keep telling her that I wish I could trade places with her for a while to give her a break. I'm sure a lot of you would do the same.

A couple of the prayer moms from PCS showed up for a short visit , and they even outfitted Denise with a new pair of jammies (thank you!). Even though she could hardly stay awake, she was greatly encouraged. We met a lady from church that took the time to visit, too. Lake Avenue's a huge church, so I think it's possible to attend there for a lifetime and still not get to meet everyone!

I finally sent out "thank you" notes from Gracie's birthday. Hopefully everyone will get their note, for the correct gift, with the correct spelling of the names. If not, please don't be offended. I had a couple people help record the gifts and write thank you notes. Now I'll tackle the mound of other "thank you" notes that I want to write!


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