Friday, December 02, 2005

11 steps, IV fluids stopped, Vomit, Email list goofiness

There has been some goofiness with the email list. Subscribers to the blog's mailing list either have not been receiving updates for the last few days, or have been getting multiple empty emails. My cousin Webmaster Mike (the Magnificent) is in contact with his ISP to try and resolve the problem. In the mean time, just keep checking the web site. And while you're there, be sure to click the ZOOMABLE Guest Map link and put in your pushpin if you haven't already done so. Remember to first zoom & drag the map around until you find where you live, THEN click to add your pushpin.

Sorry for no update yesterday. It got too late. Here's what happened during her first day back at rehab:
  • With assistance, she took 11 steps (that's 28 short of a great Alfred Hitchcock movie... sorry... Denise & I love old movies).
  • Rolled herself around in a wheelchair for a few yards, and got to go outside for some sunshine.
  • Dressed herself & wore normal clothes again.
  • IV fluids were discontinued (IV meaning "intravenous" and not "four" in this case), though I believe that she still does have the PICC line that was inserted last Saturday.
  • Sat on a commode instead of using a bedpan. Don't mention that to her. If you do, you didn't hear it from me, OK? She asked if I could go to Home Depot and buy her a padded toilet seat because the commode seat hurts her bony behind. Again, you didn't hear any of this from me.
  • She vomited at lunchtime today. I guess that about 15 minutes prior, she was talking about the TV show Fear Factor. Maybe thinking of what they have to eat on that show grossed her out. Maybe they served up something unmentionable for lunch. I don't know. But she did hold down two full meals and some small snacks throughout the day. So she's probably batting about .700 and that's not too shabby.
Thanks for the encouraging emails! She loved getting so many from people she hasn't heard from since before going into the hospital. Several were from total strangers, which is always a kick. The emails are one-way, as she can't respond to them. But you can still call. The other day when I wrote up the new room info (La Vina building 4124), visiting info (M-F 3-8pm, any time weekends), and phone number (626-535-6458), several people notified me that either the phone wasn't working or she wasn't answering. I found out why. Last night I noticed that the phone wasn't plugged in. I used my extensive technical skill to solve the problem. Still, she won't answer the phone when working out, eating, napping, or when she's just plain unable to reach the phone (with pillows propped behind her, she can't roll over & grab the receiver).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so funny, Phil! I admire you so for your upbeat tone despite very trying times! I'm here in Coalinga praying for you and your family.

December 02, 2005 10:14 PM  

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