Monday, November 28, 2005

No j-tube reinsertion, No vomit, Sat herself up

Denise went to have an endoscopic look-see and the jejunum feeding tube reinserted. However, the tube was not placed. There was some infection at the insertion site, and they decided to wait. The nurse said that the gastrostomy feeding tube had "migrated" and gave me the doctor's number. I hope to find out what that's all about tomorrow. In the mean time, she had no food today until dinner time, and was able to hold that down, as of the time I left. My understanding is that yesterday's lunch and dinner stayed down also. Might be that the tube itself was causing the vomiting... who knows?
Strengthwise, things went well today, as Denise was standing three times (5 seconds to 30 seconds each time), and was shifting weight on her feet. I remember having to do that weight shifting thing after I had my knee reconstructed a couple of years ago. I forgot to mention that Denise got a trapeze bar mounted on her bed over the weekend so she can roll herself easier. At dinner tonight, she got her legs off the edge of the bed and was able to push herself into an upright sitting position unassisted. That's the first I've seen her do that!
About the picture up at the top of tonight's post... This afternoon Gracie said she wanted to go on an airplane ride again (we flew to Tennessee over the summer). To punctuate her desire, she put on her "Tennessee costume" and dressed Jacob up in his University of Tennessee onesie. Yes, Denise & I also have orange t-shirts from UT. We don't particularly follow college sports, but we *did* figure out that if we wanted to fit in while on our Tennessee vacation, wearing orange was a darn good start.


Blogger Keith Davis said...

Our Father in heaven, it is my prayer that you reach into the life of Denise and heal. God you have the power and we trust that if it is in your will, she will be. God bless her family and all those who take care of her on this earth. Let her see your power in her. Allow her to have a testimony concerning Your work in her. This is my prayer in Christ, AMEN.

Phil and Denise, I am Keith Davis from North Alabama. Got this blogsite through Greg England at the Long Beach chruch. We will be in prayer for you both.

November 28, 2005 9:26 PM  
Blogger cwinwc said...

I echo Keith's prayer for you Denise. I know God will see you through this trial. It is my prayer as well that he heal you and give strenght to you and Phil.

I'm an elder at the Central Church of Chirst in Cocoa, Florida. I found out about you through Greg England, a really good friend of mine who is a minister at the Long Beach Church of Chirst.

Stay close to each other and God.

November 29, 2005 5:03 AM  

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