Friday, December 09, 2005

Room change, Wound vac discontinued

Denise has been moved across the hall. Her new info:
Huntington Hospital - Room 4102 in the La Vina building (park in the lot off of Pasadena Ave.)
Phone number to room: (626)535-6434
Visiting hours: 3pm-8pm M-F, any time on weekends
Email her by clicking here, include "Denise Williams 4102" in the subject line.
Why did she move? Maybe they wanted her to have a nicer view out the windows. Maybe she needed an even smaller room. I don't know. The crew was very nice and even put all her pictures & a cardboard nativity scene she made a few years ago back on the wall. Tonight I added a mini Christmas tree with lights to her decor.
She didn't walk all the way around the corridor, but she did go farther than yesterday. Her occupational therapist had her make a poinsettia out of construction paper. Snacks are being given in between meals, and she held everything down. Today when her doctor (the one from USC) came to check on her, he ordered the wound vac discontinued. Now she has a heart-shaped bandage on her bohonkus.
We're excited about going on our lunch date tomorrow! We got a visit from one of the men from church today. He's getting up there in years (I just found out today that he was awarded a bronze star from Okinawa in WWII) and he told us that when he & his wife go out for dinner, he lets people know that he & his wife are going steady. Denise & I got a chuckle out of that. One of the families from my school left a gift certificate to the Thai restaurant that we'll be visiting tomorrow, and another certificate for another of their favorite Thai places. Thanks! Denise is anxious to (a) go home from the hospital and (b) get back to eating the varied cuisine that we love (whether from the restaurant or homemade comfort food). She wants to wear a dress tomorrow, and that means I have to pick something out of her closet. I'm intimidated by the task. I'm color-blind, pattern-blind, accessory-blind... you name it. Should be interesting to see if she's well-dressed or not tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus for bringing us this far. Enjoy tomorrow and enjoy each other. God bless you both and your family.
Love the Santa Barbara team

December 09, 2005 11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful date today! I'm looking forward to reading about it! Thank you, Jesus, for how far Denise has come.

December 10, 2005 8:42 AM  

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