Sunday, December 11, 2005

96 pounds, Pink-eye Jake?

Denise weighed in at 96 pounds today, after eating. We were excited that she made it back up to 100 a few days ago. After all that we stuffed into our pie holes yesterday, this news is disappointing. Move these items to the top of the prayer checklist: Nutrition (eat plenty without vomiting, avoid reinsertion of the feeding tube) and strength/endurance (she wants to do more on her own). You've helped pull, tug & hoist her through biggies like acute respiratory distress syndrome, loss of the baby, failing oxygenation, almost unworkable blood pressure & cardiac status, inability to speak or move, kidney failures, seizure, poor liver function, digestive halts, extended medically-induced coma, multiple life-threatening infections, high fevers, ventilator dependency... on and on. So by comparison, the nutrition & physical ability should be fairly easy, right?
Jacob seems to have conjunctivitis (us parents call that pink eye). I'm taking him to the doctor first thing tomorrow morning. In the mean time, we're keeping to ourselves around the house. This is just inconvenient for us. For Denise, it might be a little rougher. Jacob is 20 months old today. Denise has been in the hospital almost 5 months. Think of that... she's missed about the last fourth of his life.


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