Monday, March 06, 2006

Heart good, 102.5 pounds, Wigs

The cardiologist had good news. He said that Denise's ticker sounds good. He's not worried about the discoloration in the legs as long as there's no edema or pitting; it's probably a result of being laid up for so long and will go away. He thought the only reason he'd need to follow her is to be selfish so he can see how good she's doing. He's a neat guy, and he & his family's been following Denise's progress since she came to Huntington Hospital. While at the appointment she weighed in at 102.5 pounds! Also, she seemed a little mellower today. That makes concerns about seizures diminish. I think I may have forgotten to mention that her calcium was high during the last week. I remember that an electrolyte imbalance could've been a possible cause of her seizures in November. My understanding of what electrolytes in what quantities can cause a seizure is practically zilch, but perhaps the calcium evening out has something to do with her mellowing out. I also received an email today from someone that had a baby that had to be on Reglan, and seizures were involved. Interesting to see how all this stuff interacts with everything else.
Denise has been feeling self-conscious lately since she's got so little hair, skin's pale from not being in the sun for over half a year, and having to wear a gown much of the time when she's not working out at the nursing home. So she told me that she wants to get some wigs, pierce her ears, and get some jewelry, including real diamond jewelry. I quickly whipped out an Avon catalog to try and distract her. She never was much of a jewelry before... that's why I married her (smirk). Actually, I'll gladly try to pick out the perfect set when the dust settles from all of this. She deserves it after what she's been through. She had my nurse aunt & I raid her jewelry box, and she wore a necklace that her sister made when she went out today. That gave her a boost of self-esteem. Anyway, on the way back from the cardiac appointment today she had enough time to pick up a couple of wigs and some cheap-o clip-on earrings (piercing would be an infection risk right now, so that's out). And she had tons of fun with the wigs... one is a regular lightish brownish longish curlyish wig, and it looks pretty close to her normal hair color. The others have red & purple in them, and cuts that her hair could never manage. It kind of reminded me of the ad for the "Alias" TV show. It's a hoot... I'll post pictures soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Phil - I'm crying with joy after reading this post. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Love, your PCS PT

March 07, 2006 7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is "on a wig and a prayer, Denise will soon be dancing a jig. What blessings!

March 07, 2006 8:04 PM  

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