Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tube pain gone, No vomit, Helicopter

Not much medical news today, but she had plenty of visitors (yesterday, too). Here's a picture of Denise standing with one of her visitors. Ain't that great to see her standing? It makes me think back to the days when her blood pressure was almost unworkable and I would be excited to see her bed tilted up just a couple of degrees. She's come a long way... thanks for pulling for her!
The pain in the ab/feeding tube insertion site is gone. This might be due to cutting that last stitch yesterday and the suppositories for BMs (Denise is SO going to kill me when she reads this blog one day). She supplemented her feeding tube "food" with real food by mouth, and it stayed down. Yay!
Late this afternoon an L.A. County Sheriff rescue helicopter landed on the field of a school that's by our house. The kids, my friend & I all walked down to the corner to see what was going on. A few minutes later some emergency vehicles arrived. We assumed there might have been an auto accident, or a car-pedestrian accident on the walking trail along the roadway. One of the neighbors that was watching the goings-on all of a sudden said, "I hope that's not for my wife," and he hustled down to get a closer look. I thought it was cool that he thought of that, and I found myself probably a little more concerned than the other lookie-loos, being a guy that knows what it's like to be worried about his wife. The neighbor came back; I assume his wife is fine. Eventually a person walked out of the ambulance and was escorted into the helicopter. A few minutes later, another person was wheeled to the helicopter, taken in, and the helicopter took off. I haven't seen the news & don't have any idea what happened. But they wouldn't have gone to all the trouble if it weren't pretty serious & urgent. So toss up some caring & prayer-ing for that total stranger tonight.


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