Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dancing, BINGO, Saxophone player

Nothing notable to report from a medical standpoint today. That's the way we like it. In addition to walking the same distance today that she walked yesterday, she tried dancing. Yup. During a conversation with the PT, she talked about how she & I used to go swing dancing, how much she loves to dance, and some flamenco lessons she took just a couple months before getting ill. Do demonstrate, she did a slow turn but got wrapped up in her feeding tube. She had a good time with it anyway.
Denise has been going to more of the daytime activities. Today she played BINGO and won the blackout round. I'm excited that she was able to see the numbers on her card. Speaking of, she's got an eye exam next week. Wouldn't it be great if her vision could be corrected simply with a new pair of glasses? That would beat brain damage as the cause of vision impairment.
Tonight while visiting, I heard some great saxophone jazz playing from down the hall. I thought it was a recording until the music tripped up a bit. Curious, I went looking for the source of the music. One of the residents in Denise's hallway was playing some great jazz. He had a stroke about two years ago and still can't use his right hand very well. In spite of that, he could copy Coltrane, Getz, Bird, and improvise his own material as well. I hope that he'll be able to play during dinner at the nursing home sometimes so as to give the lady that plays the accordion during dinner a break now and then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a have Denise do some very normal things, dancing, walking, playing Bingo. The two of you will be dancing together before long! Love the Gracie and Jacob tales. The simple joy of touching a child. What a precious gift to give to someone.

February 08, 2006 10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your postings are a highlight to my day and a boost to my faith and an encouragement to keep on praying and believing our great God! It is so refreshing to hear of Denise dancing, in spite of that ol' IV tubing. For me . . . a saxophone would beat out an accordian any day! I am praying you and Denise and your little ones will be a source of God's blessings in many ways while Denise is at the SNF.

February 09, 2006 7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the saxophone too!
Blessings :c)

February 09, 2006 8:52 AM  

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