Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Longest unassisted walk yet! Neat-o Jacob story

It was slow going, but Denise walked all the way from the rehab room to the entrance of the SNF this afternoon, without using a cane or anything! The PT only needed to push her IV pole. I *wish* I'd have been there for that so I could snap a picture to post for you, but Gracie & I had just left.
After dinner tonight I brought Jacob for some alone time with mommy. He was the most comfortable with her that I've seen yet. He sat right next to her, played, smiled, laughed... mostly he used the remote control to make the bed fold up into a taco shape. Jake brought smiles to the faces of several of the residents in the lobby as we were coming and going, too. One lady in particular was interested in him, so I rolled the stroller over to her. He reached out to her with a toy car in his hand. She took his hand and shook it, Jacob laughed, and the lady started tearing up. She thanked me for letting her "touch a baby again."
The simple things, huh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The simplest are the best. they warm the heart, give hope to all.

February 08, 2006 10:40 AM  

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