Thursday, February 23, 2006

CT scan, Ab pain, Caregiver connection

Denise went for a CT scan to find out what's going on with the enlarged liver, two masses found during the ultrasound, etc. Denise also complained of pain at the insertion site of the feeding tube. We'll have to wait for the results. My aunt the nurse took Denise for the appointment and took care of her most of the day. After the car ride, Denise threw up. Hopefully it's just that pesky stop & go traffic making her sick.
Denise's caregiver today was someone she'd never had before. It turns out that she goes to the same church we do and knows some of the people at Pasadena Christian School, including the "prayer moms" that came to uplift Denise so many time. On top of it all, she's also on the church's prayer team and has prayed for Denise many times since this all began, but had no idea who Denise was. Until today. Neat, huh?


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