Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feeding tube clogged & unclogged again

Gracie was up much of last night. Actually, she wasn't really awake. But the many times that she came running into my bed, she was doing Judo-sleeping while I was getting kicked in the ear a lot. So I was already very exhausted when I got a call just as I was done at work this afternoon saying that Denise's feeding tube was clogged again. Rather than go to the hospital again, I went to the skilled nursing facility to try unclogging it. They didn't have enough people to assign one to sit and work the Coca-cola back & forth through the tube. Fortunately, it unclogged for me. Also fortunately, some friends from school were able to take the kids for a few hours this afternoon/evening. Gracie & Jacob loved spending some extra playtime with other little kids.
Denise went to an Ash Wednesday service today... her first ever. She also went to her first ever Rosary a few weeks ago. Maybe she'll start eating fish on Fridays, too? Her eating anything, anytime would be good.
The blood draw was done today to check the liver status. Hopefully we'll hear the results first thing tomorrow. In the mean time, please toss up some prayer for that. Also toss up some prayer for our ability to get records. My aunt's been trying to get Denise's med sheet (not what's been ordered, but what's actually been given). She's on the list of people to whom information can be given, but with the medical privacy laws, it's been very difficult to get anything. On top of that, the person at the SNF that's in charge of medical records unfortunately had a family emergency and hasn't been available. My aunt's hoping that by examining the med records sheet, perhaps a pattern will come to light that shows meds might be the reason why the liver function is questionable, and this might save Denise needing to go through a liver biopsy to check for cocci in the liver. And we really don't want that cocci to still be active anywher. I'm encouraged by something the infectious disease doctor said a few weeks ago, though. It'd be hard to imagine that the liver is harboring a cocci infection while Denise is improving in every other way. Again, one more thing for some caring and prayer-ing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Phil, there are some faithful Catholics included in the many Christians and others praying for Denise, you and your whole wonderful family! And thank goodness for cheese enchiladas when you just can't take one more fish stick!

March 02, 2006 5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just what the doctor ordered and God granted...a play date for mom and kids. Such a thrill to see them playing together. I love the pictures...proof of the results of God's daily miracles in your lives.

March 02, 2006 5:59 PM  

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