Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Walking with IV pole, Playing catch, Fish taco

The kids & I got to visit with Denise during one of her physical therapy sessions again today. So here's a picture of the kids playing catch with her. This photo turned out better than the one I was going to post yesterday (by the way, this photo and all photos on Denise's blog can be enlarged by clicking on them). The PT let Denise know that he thought she was steady enough that she could walk around while pushing her own IV pole. He also indicated that it's not a problem for the kids & I to be there. So if the afternoon PT session is the same time each day, I'm going to try to get the kids there after school so they can have some play time with mommy.
Also good news is that there was no emesis today. We even had a friend do a taco run for us so we could all have dinner together at the SNF, and Denise ate one and a half fish tacos. Not too shabby. The feeding tube's being flushed regularly with the water, followed by Coke. Let's hope that it doesn't develop any more clogs.
As far as concerns go, the blood draw for liver enzymes was what we were sitting on the edge of our seats for today. But there were no blood draws for the liver today (I guess they woke Denise up about 5am, but then didn't have the proper paperwork and orders?), nor for the blood workup yesterday. So hopefully tomorrow those will get done through the PICC line so they won't have to stick Denise twice. The elevation of the liver enzymes is a concern. Last week those numbers were lower, going in the direction that we'd like them to go. But they were still too high. Pull for those numbers to get back to normal.
They celebrated Mardi Gras at the SNF today. One of the residents gave his shiny necklace & mask to the kids. He's been greeting Jacob with "high-fives" for the past couple of days. They've been making friends with each other. Here's a picture of Jake wearing those beads and mommy's hat. He's got his Snoop Droopy Drawers rapper persona going on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Phil, for keeping up with the updates and especially the pictures...it is wonderful to see the improvements Denise is making. What a blessing from God to see Denise on her feet and playing with the kids.

I'm keeping "all" of you in prayer.

In His love!

Athens, GA

March 01, 2006 2:43 PM  

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