Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Long conversation, Mental state concerns, Poop

We had the longest conversation we've had in 3 months! She made a huge leap from yesterday's singing "Happy Birthday" and getting winded after a few sentences over the phone. Today we both sat in chairs and talked for at least an hour & a half this morning & about the same at night. She said she loved me, wanted me to tell the kids she loves them. We said the Lord's Prayer this morning, and she took a turn praying before we left tonight (my aunt the nurse that Denise was asking for was with us). She asked lots of questions about losing the baby. We talked about Disneyland, the upcoming birthday party, and what to get Gracie for her birthday. She said that if we're not moving to Tennessee right away, maybe we should get a swing set. We talked about everything... family, work, food (she wants to actually eat & drink something), exercise (wants to go the rehab room in the hospital & ride a bike right away), her illness, her haircut, this blog... everything. So next time you visit, you might be lucky enought to actually get to talk to her (tonight was the first time her parents heard her speak since this mess began).
She had her speaking valve in for a long time today... her heart rate was still fast (120s-130s), but not so fast that they thought the valve should be removed. I also learned how to pop the valve on & off and how to inflate & deflate the cuff. I feel important now. She was sitting in a chair a few times as well, though her bottom was getting really sore. The goal was to get a 12-hours stretch off the vent. I'm not sure if that was achieved or not, but I never saw her on the vent today.

Temperature went to 103. Yuck.
The doctor caught me & Denise's dad this morning. Highlights of what he said were that he was concerned about Denise's state of awareness. I've noticed that she has been staring off more lately, but during our conversations today she was responding promptly and appropriately. She's not as animated as she's been at other times, but she did crack a few jokes & smiles. My hope is that once the fever & meds diminish, and once she gets rested & stronger, the mental concerns will be history. I'm encouraged by how much she talked about during our visits, though. He said that previously, a milder version of a med has been used against the cocci. He thinks that there must still be some cocci somewhere that they haven't found, and they're going to try to hit it with the nasty version of the med that has harsher side effects (he only mentioned the shakes). I assume, but could be wrong, that he referred to Ampho B, and they'll just go for straight-up Amphotericin. He also said that kidneys are doing good, liver stats are on their way to normal and liver should regenerate. The last ejection fraction showed about 20 (compared to 10 previously). While her heart took a beating, it's reasonable to expect that her heart can recover over time. That was great to hear.

I'm tired as can be. Before I go to sleep, here's a story to illustrate just how tired I am. I was changing Jacob. He had a poop, a dry-ish lumpy one. Usually I set the yucky diaper atop our changing table, and put it into the diaper trash bin after he's been changed and set safely back down on the floor. For some reason, I left the dirty diaper on the pad this time, folder over itself with the little prize inside. I had a hand on Jake so he wouldn't fall off the table, and my other hand was reaching for a baby wipe. He's a happy kid, and started singing a happy little tune, like he always does when cleaning up after a movement (I hope this behavior stops before he hits junior high). Then the scene took on a more challenging tone when he looked down and saw the diaper sitting there. Before I could do anything to stop him, he reached down for the diaper, grabbed a corner or two, and whipped his hand up & down frantically. He was like a pint-sized David, slinging a stinky stone at Goliath. Being that I was the only logical person in the room at the time who could play the role of Goliath, and being that I didn't want to get hit in the forehead with a poop, I side-stepped to try to get out of the line of fecal fire. Sure enough, the poop arced out of the diaper, and sure enough, it was heading right to where I was standing a second before. But did I just let it safely fall to the ground and clean it up later? No. I saw something flying, and so without thinking, I caught it, bare-handed. And I didn't just casually let it arc into my palm, either. I full-on *lunged* to snatch the poop out of the air.
Poor choices are the sure sign of a tired mind. Good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil and Denise,
Do I even want to know what she says about the haircut? I love you both. Tell her we are so proud of the progress she's making. It seems slow to her but as we read the blog each day we are just amazed.

October 12, 2005 11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil and Denise,
Praise God for his miracles are never ending. He is so good! I am so blessed to hear that You (Denise) are on the road to full recovery. We are still praying that God will bring your body into full order. Phil, Thanks for the poop laugh, I could just picture you diving for the save. Maybe you should train for the Angels.....:)
WE love you both, and are continually praying. Be blessed as you too get to know each other all over again, in a new and more intimate way than before.

Be blessed, WE LOVE YOU
Renee, Dennis, Zachariah

October 13, 2005 1:29 AM  
Blogger rwbvagabond said...


Praise God for this latest string of good news! It must have been wonderful for you to be able to finally talk with Denise (and for her as well!) I can tell that even though you are tired, your spirits are up- as they should be! Please give Denise my love when you next see her. Still lots of prayers goin' her (and your) way.


October 13, 2005 6:29 AM  
Anonymous mary anne cheraz said...

Well Phil, not too tired to have excellent reflexes I see! Must be the last thing to go apparently. :) How many careers can this guy have? Doctor in training on the hospital floors and professional short stop at home. So when you say you lunged for the flying fecal asteriod, did your hand also clamp down tightly upon contact? Yuck!!! (Just trying to get you to laugh in return!) Hang in there! We are so encouraged by all the good news, we praise God and continue to hold you all in prayer....
The Cheraz's

October 13, 2005 6:37 AM  
Anonymous alyson and paul metzdorff said...

don't worry it happens even to those of us who are not tired, just a bit lazy. I changed isabella one day and decided to put the diaper to the side(we do our changings on the floor)and help isabella into the potty, where we are practicing and when I put a new diaper on, we went on with the day and about an hour later, I went in to lay her down for a nap and stepped right into my mess, its like stepping on dog poo and you just want to cry and immediately wipe it off on something and I did and I ended up cleaning the floor in her room for an hour. But you know what they say "POOP Happens". we love you guys!!!
alyson,paul and isabella

October 13, 2005 10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the best entry yet! So much good news and a good laugh at the end! I'm here in Coalinga praying for you!

October 13, 2005 11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is going down the toilet, or should. One of your students was 2 years old and in diapers at a neighbors sweet 16 party. He, who shall remain nameless, crawled under their dining table and the contents of his diaper slipped out onto their carpet! I saw the whole horrible thing and swooped in. Without thinking I SCOOPED up the spilled contents with my bare hands and rushed to the bathroom to dispose of it! Needless to say all of the 16 years olds were horrified! My husband has ever since called me the human pooperscooper! Welcome to my club!

We continue to pray for you, the children and for Denise. Peace be with you!

Keeping this one anonymous for sure!!

October 13, 2005 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Bill Mead said...

I am so happy for the two of you that you were able to talk for those two streches. I am sure that felt good to both of you. Loved the poop story!

Tell Denise we love her and are praying for her.

October 13, 2005 4:21 PM  
Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

I am so glad to hear that she is improving so much. Praise God!
I liked the funny story about Dad and his poop catching reflex story. LOL

October 13, 2005 7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Williams,
(I must call you that or else my 2 PCS kids will think I'm rude) Just letting you know that we are praying for you and your wife. We praise God for being with you all during this time and for His healing.
I came in to read your blog and I was laughing so hard, all alone late at night by my computer! I can totally relate! And like that anonymous parent, I will remain anonymous because one of your students as a newborn did a poppy in her diaper and... this was in the hospital still and since I had a cesarean, my husband changed her diaper and put the soiled diaper on the floor. Then he thought it would be nice to walk around my bed carrying her and talking to her. Later on that day when the nurse came in, I woke up when she said: "What happened here?!" horryfied. It happened that my husband stepped on the diaper as he walked around my bed and left a colored "ring" on the floor...I'l let you guess the color. She later found the diaper on the floor. I think she put on gloves to pick it up though...
Thanks for the laugh!
:c) Very anonymous PCS parent

October 14, 2005 12:43 AM  
Anonymous Deni said...

I read your blogs and say prayers for Denise, you and the kids each day. I have been so happy to read about the progress Denise has been making...and as a mom who has spent many days in the hospital, sometimes over my daughter's birthday or other holidays, I was all choked up when I read about Denise being able to sing Happy Birthday to Gracie. I know how much that meant to both of them.
And lets just hope that Jacob has your sense of humor when he grows up, is in his teens and reads this particular blog....LOL. Can't you just hear him now....'DAD!!!!!!'
Keep up the good work...can't tell you how much we appreciate being able to keep up with Denise's progress through this blog.
Blessings from your cousin,

October 14, 2005 6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rejoce everday over Denise's progress. One good poop story deserves another. It was hot, 108 we have no air conditiong so I decided to let my 4 month go all la natural on a blanket in her playpen. Well you get the picture. Poop every where. She got cooled off by the bath afterwards.

October 15, 2005 7:13 PM  

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