Thursday, October 06, 2005

New J/G-tube, High fevers return, "Praise Him"

Bit of a slump, compared to the previous few days. Denise got a new jejunum/gastrostomy tube this afternoon, since the previous one clogged. Her fevers are spiking higher (102.8 is the highest I saw). There was talk earlier in the day of trying to get her off the vent 4 hours at a time, but the high fevers necessitated that she stay hooked up more than that (high fevers=faster breathing). Her heart rate also was higher today than it had been in previous days while on the vent (up to 132 tonight). She was trying to write & tell us things, but hands & lips were very uncoordinated (after-effects of the sedative used prior to the J/G-tube change). Today some of the moms from my school showed up to bring mid-week church to Denise's bedside. These are the same ones that visited a few days ago (thanks for visiting my wife again!). She *was* coordinated enough to write "Praise Him" on a white board during that time. That's my girl. Again, after the run we've had over the last few days, today seemed slow to me. But one of the mom's caught me as I was leaving work & said that they were shocked at how much better Denise looked. Seeing Denise every day, several hours a day, sometimes it's hard to notice the progress. So it was nice to hear a "weekly" perspective. Now that I just typed that, I remembered the doctor saying that we can't get hung up on the hourly or daily fluctuations in Denise's condition; we should keep our eyes on the weekly trends.
Back at home, Jacob seemed fine this morning, then tonight he started in with the coughing again. No hurling since last night, though. It was kind of funny... yesterday he had noodles at lunch, rice at dinner. Last night when he threw up, we saw noodles but no rice. I guess he spews selectively.
Thanks for all the offers to help pick up that car I mentioned the other day. Turns out that several of you have reason to go back & forth between SF & LA. If the car works out to be a good thing, it looks like we've got several options for getting it moved. I'm always amazed at how things work out... it should be interesting to see how this works out, too.
I have to put in a shameless plug for Air1, a Christian rock station that's among my radio presets (90.1 or 90.3 in my area, or listen online & look for a frequency local to you at Every day they play music that helps me cope. Anyway, they're listener-supported and a worthy ministry to which you might consider contributing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Phil - We have a car you are welcome to borrow until you get another. It too has over 200,00 miles, but heck, lots of Honda's do. It's a stick shift. Just give us a call and we'll get it to you. Praise God for the improvements since Denise's move - prayers continue for ALL of you. With our love and support, AJ, Len and Carol Berglund

October 07, 2005 9:08 AM  
Anonymous Deni said...

Hi Phil - Just a note to let you know that your family (cousins/aunt & uncle) have been following your blog daily and send many good thoughts and prayers your way. We have been so happy to hear of Denise's progress of late.
A side note about Jacob--when you mentioned he had this cough only in the morning and at night the first thing that came to mind was croup....and it is just the right time of year for it. You might want to have him checked by his doctor.
(From Deni (the 'other' Denise in the family), Debbie, and your Great Aunt Shirley/Gr. Uncle Paul)

October 07, 2005 9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

apon a very long stay in the hospital a wise woman told me, ups and dwns to be expected. Dont watch the monitors keep your eyes on the Lord.

October 07, 2005 9:53 PM  

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