Saturday, October 08, 2005

Not much change, we're still sick

After waking up and feeling better, the kids and I started feeling icky again later today. It's been mentioned that with Denise on so much antibiotic and antifungal medicine, chances are slim that we'd bring her a bacterial or fungal infection. But if what we have is viral, we best stay away, as her meds won't protect her against that. So I was only at the hospital for about an hour and a half with my pop. Fortunately, Denise's mom & sister have been healtier & able to keep her company today. Denise's heart rate has been up again today (130s mostly) but her temps weren't bad (99s-100). Tonight she went to 101. She seemed to shake more than usual while writing. She wrote "Love you" and "Is it a fungus?" (asking about the infection). She was off the ventilator several times today for three hours at a time, but not while we were there. She's doing well enough off of the vent that, heart rate & temps permitting, they'd like to try to alternate having her off the vent four hours and on the vent two hours during the daytime. Think of that... off the vent more than on.

One of our friends took care of the kids quite a lot last night & today. Gracie said that she wanted to stay with our friend for 13 years, then with me & Denise for 13 years. I asked Gracie about that later today, and she said that if mommy comes home sooner, then she wants to stay with us for the whole time (yes, even during the teen years, I'm afraid). Jacob said "Mama" to our friend. I didn't know if he thought she was mommy, or if he was asking for mommy. Then later today he saw a picture of our family, pointed to Denise, and (excitedly) said, "Mama!" Jacob's not even a year & a half old yet. Denise has been apart from him for about the last 3 months. That's 1/6 of his life. Once we're all over this bug, I'm going to ask about the possibility of taking the kids to see Denise again. Since she's been in the hospital, Jake's only seen her twice, Gracie thrice (hmm... I've spoken that word before, but never typed it).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denise's Dad spoke at our church today, briefly. It was very moving to hear him and speak with him later. We took up an offering for them at FBC Coalinga to help with expenses. I hope it's helpful. I'm praying for Denise and the whole family!

October 09, 2005 3:01 PM  

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