Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tracheostomy tube in, stomach tube sheduled for tomorrow

Denise had her tracheostomy tube installed about 6pm this evening. All went well during the procedure. They scrambled to get her back to the CCU, and the oxygen saturation dropped, but all went back to "normal" once she got hooked up to all the machines again. The specialist started her on the ventilator at 100% (and 100% saturation) at about 7pm. I just called and they have her down to 70% oxygen and 94% saturation. Again, the goal is less oxygen, more saturation.
The tube through her abdomen and into the stomach is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow. Let's hope all this works.
The kids are really missing Denise. Gracie (3 1/2 years) even hugged & kissed the digital camera when, while cycling through pictures of a trip they went on today, she saw a picture of Denise from a couple weeks ago. My mom said that while she was changing Jacob (16 months), he said, "Mama?" No matter how much other family & friends do a stellar job of supporting us, they still ain't mommy.

A nurse friend emailed the following to me since it wouldn't fit within the limits of the comments. I thought it would be both enlightening and reassuring:
About the trach - if they're having trouble with the current endotracheal tube - you might as well go for the trach. This is going to be a long haul and Denise will be more comfortable with the tube in her neck (I know that doesn't sound true - but it is). When she's awake later - she can mouth words and keep her mouth rinsed out, etc. It's actually easier to "wean" her off the vent with a trach - eventually.
And the gastrostomy tube...might as well go for it at the same time. She'll be under anesthesia anyway - so cut down on the number of separate procedures that way. IF Denise can tolerate gastric feedings - over IV - it's much better. Keeps the gut working, decreased chance of blood infection from the TPN (IV nutrition).
They probably gave the Vanco to kill any roving bugs. It's a pretty big and strong gun. Is she having fevers? [yes]
As far as the saturation at 88-90% - we've accepted that level before so we can keep the oxygen at 60% or lower. I don't know of brain damage that patients have suffered from sats at this level. So good news!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Phil,

We just heard from our mom Carol, about Denise. Our hearts are heavy and definitely with you in prayer. We have put you all on the prayer list at both churches we love. (old&new)Be encouraged that prayer warriors from all over and all walks of life are going to bat for Denise and you and your family. By the way your sense of humor in times of trouble is a gift. God has given you an interesting way of seeing humor when no one else can. Humor lifts spirits and laughter eases pain. Why else would God create it, but to show us another way that he love us. I'm sure it is one of the reasons Denise loves you so. And I'm also sure she hears you. Don't forget in all the chaos surrounding you to continue to lean on God when your strength and humor fail you. He never fails us ever.

This is truly an awesome site.

Our love and prayers are with you and Denise.

Chris & Rosejoi Hancock (High School friends of Denise)

August 05, 2005 2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reading the comment from Denise's school friend I can't agree more. When Deni first started her journey through illness she has often stated that it was the humor that kept her from being a basket case. I think it still works for her now. Keep uo the good work.

August 05, 2005 8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading through all of this it occured to me that Denise will be able to read through a beatutiful documentation of love for her when she comes home.

August 05, 2005 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Debbi (Deming) Lowther said...

Hi Phil-
I am an alumni from PCS, and although I wasn't a student when you worked there, I worked at the BYH (and I remember when you married Denise)! My sister Sheri was a PCS aide & close friend with Denise when she was pregnant with Gracie. Our whole family, and church, as well as many many other people, are praying for you and Denise (and the kids). Thank you for sending the updates! We so look forward to seeing how God is working through this whole situation for His glory. We look forward to the post where Denise comes home. :)

August 05, 2005 9:57 PM  

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