Sunday, July 31, 2005

July 31 PM

Since Yahoo email was giving me guff for sending out so many email updates on Denise, I just started up a blog for her instead. Computer geek that I am, I can't believe I didn't think of this first. Make use of the comment feature to contribute your knowledge and encouragement.

She's still in critical condition, but steps in the right direction came later in the afternoon.

Denise's blood pressure was high enough that they stopped the blood pressure medication. They have to watch her, but we hope that she can maintain adequate blood pressure.
They turned her oxygen concentration from 80% this morning down to 65% by the time I left. Hopefully, her body will tolerate that. My understanding is that too rich an oxygen mixture can be bad.

On the down side, her platelet count was 18 so they couldn't do the lumbar puncture to see if there are some nasty bugs in the spinal fluid (hope there's no menengitis). They also couldn't do the D&C to clean her up from the labor. Both procedures run the risk of bleeding.
Also, she has a lot of swelling. They have been giving her a drug that helps her kidneys get rid of fluid in the bloodstream. But today they started her on Albumin, which I think is supposed to help get fluid out of cells so the swelling can go down. And her blood sugar was lower than what they wanted to see.

One of our friends told me that Denise is treating this healing process like a dance (she LOVES to dance). There are pauses here & there, back's to the audience sometimes, bursts of movement all of a sudden... That was a nice way to think of things today. Also, Denise's dad read day 25 of the Purpose Driven Life book. That chapter was about trouble, and it was perfect for today.
I read it to Denise. Then when done, I put the iPod on her so she could listen to some Ella Fitzgerald music for a while. One of the nurses came in from another part of the hospital to say that everyone's thoughts & prayers are with Denise... very encouraging to hear that so many people care.

Thanks for the visits today! Our friend Kristen bought a journal for Denise and left it in her room. If you swing by the hospital, be sure to jot your name down there, and anything else you like!


Anonymous Uncle Jim and Linda said...

Denise and Phil ,
I hope you both know that throughout each day you are in our prays, and given the current news it is encouraging for us all. Linda is in Oregon right now visiting her parents but I know that she and her family are praying for your recovery for she calls me everyday asking about you with concern and optimism in her heart. Your prays and faith in God and that of those who love you will see you safely through this time of need.
With Love and prays,
Uncle Jim and Linda

From Lee Ann Womack’s song “ I Hope You Dance”

Whenever one door closes,
I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give fate the fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance .... I hope you dance ....

August 01, 2005 11:04 AM  

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