Thursday, July 21, 2005

Denise In Hospital

We'd appreciate your prayers. Denise has been sick
since July 13. On Monday July 18, her ObGyn admitted
her to the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia. Denise has
had high fever, chills, weird rash, cough, all on top
of being gestationally diabetic. Our baby boy is due
November 4th. Fortunately, the baby (a boy, they say)
is doing great. But thus far, the doctors haven't been
able to figure out what's wrong with Denise. They've
already tested all the usual fluids, and all bacterial
& viral cultures have come back negative. They're
assigning an infectious disease specialist to her and
there's talk of a spinal tap being the next step. So
what we thought would probably clear up with a day or
two in the hospital is starting to get scary.

Thanks to those of you that got early word of this for
your offers of help. My folks have been a tremendous
help (my dad is currently on a chemo break, and has
indicated he'd rather not start up again when it's
time, for those of you that have been asking... not
enough time for all the details here), and Denise's
folks are here helping with Gracie & Jacob (who really
miss mommy) for a few days.

:O) Phil


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