Thursday, July 28, 2005

Denise NEEDS Oxygenation within 24-48 Hours URGENT

Denise NEEDS for her lungs to improve (less
inflamation & fluid). This MUST happen soon, within
the next 24-48 hours, or the unthinkable will happen.
She's requiring a huge amount of oxygen and can't keep
on it because too much oxygen can be toxic. Everything
else hinges on this. They're doing everything they
can, and Denise is still having trouble breathing on
her own efficiently.

The doctor stated that if Denise passes away, she
won't feel any pain or know anything. That he said
this is scary.

Be encouraged that your prayers HAVE worked, and we
need more prayer NOW! Today, Denise definitely
squeezed my hand 2 times (weak, but they were
squeezes). Since my last email, I heard that her
kidneys were working well. Acidosis is getting better.
Urine flow is going well. Her hemodynamics did better
(she's more efficiently pumping blood through her
body). I heard that she stopped deteriorating, and all
the numbers that they wanted to get better DID get
slightly better (except the lung issues). She got her
oxygen requirements down to 80% when they flip her on
her front side (but she goes back to needing more
oxygen when flipped on her back, and she can't stay on
her front). She's taken the meds well. She's turned
for the better. But if she can't start breathing
better on her own and has diminished ability to get
oxygen into her bloodstream, then none of the other
improvements will matter.

Pour it on, everyone! God's been using her mightily to
bless everyone around her for the whole time I've
known her. I can't imagine that His To-Do list for her
on earth is done.

Thanks for the support!
:O) Phil


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