Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is the problem

Here's some information that we just learned tonight.

The good news: They figured out that Denise has Rocky
Mountain spotted fever, not contagious, and no spinal
tap will be necessary. Most likely from a trip we took
to Big Bear or Tennessee (less likely due to the time
frame). Antibiotics should take care of the problem.
AND Denise is one of only about 800 Americans per year
that get this... they could set up a pretty exclusive
club at that rate.

The bad news: She will need to stay in the hospital
for a while because the fever can persist. And the
fever is what they are concerned about with the baby.
Of course, we're hoping for a short stay with minimal
discomfort from fever & chills. She feels rotton most
of the time & is having trouble getting quality sleep.

Thanks for all the well-wishing and offers of practical
support! We're blessed to have you in our lives!

:O) Phil


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