Sunday, July 31, 2005

Denise Update July 31 AM

We're sort of in a holding pattern, and they had me
sign a consent for a lumbar puncture (spinal tap, as
far as I'm concerned). Denise is still in critical
condition and most things are stable. We're a little
discouraged that her blood pressure dropped slightly
and they had to bring her oxygen concentration up from
60% to 80% (still better than the 100% she needed).
And we're still in the waiting game to find out for
sure what the cause of all this is.

However, several nurses and friends that have been in
my position encouraged me by stating that sometimes
Denise will make 2 or 3 steps ahead (and she DID with
those lungs the other day!) and then she'll pause or
go 1 or 2 steps backward. Looks like that's happening

Since they've allowed people other than family to
visit, she's been flooded with well-wishers. In fact,
we'd like to keep a list for you to sign! One of the
nurses commented that Denise is definitely among the
most-visited and most frequently prayed-over patients
they've had. Thank you. I'm supposed to get the word
out that if you feel remotely ill, please refrain from
visiting until you are well for a few days (don't
worry... she'll probably still be there). Please wash
your hands before touching her, and ask the nurse if
it's OK to touch her, just to be sure. They've been
really generous with the number of visitors and length
of visit. But the nurse yesterday commented that it's
possible that too many visits could overstimulate
Denise & rob her of rest. So if your visit is cut
short or if you are asked to wait, please don't be
offended or alarmed.

As far as all the offers for practical support, I am
going to start contacting some of you soon. As the
adrenaline is wearing off, I'm faced with having to
plow through regular life in the midst of the crisis.
I am grateful that I have so many of you to rely upon
for the practical stuff. I'm glad I rub elbows with so
many teachers that are off for the summer and, oddly,
still want to be around my kids.

I'm going to the hospital in a while, so I may send
off another email this afternoon. Speaking of email,
Yahoo informed me that I now have a cap on how many
emails I'm supposed send. So I'm recruiting point
people that frequently check email so I can send just
to them, and then they can forward the updates to the
rest of a group. Maryly is taking care of Pasadena
Christian School staff, and I'd like a volunteer for
the parents (past and present... I'll provide a list
of email addresses). Kristen will be forwarding
for the Westmont College crowd. Cindy will be
taking care of Denise's dad's side of the family.
Melanie has been nominated to be the contact
for the East Whittier Friends Church crew (which also
encompasses most of the Quaker Meadow buddies... what
do you think, Melanie?). Has Jim been the guy
for Duarte Fellowship Church? I think once I get those
major groups taken care of, we'll be sitting pretty.

Thanks again for your support!

:O) Phil


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