Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Scary night, lung tube inserted

Denise has a lung tube now. Her dad Joe was with her overnight and saw the downward trend (in oxygen required versus oxygen saturation) & x-ray that lead the doctors & nurses to view the situation as an emergency and made the decision to put in a lung tube. Joe said that as of the time he left this morning, it looked like it was the right decision, as Denise's numbers improved, some being the best he's seen yet.
I've been trying to talk to someone to get specific details but haven't been able to yet. That's OK, I'd rather that they focus on taking care of Denise rather than sit on the phone with me. So I'm going over to the hospital for a while. I'll post facts as soon as I can.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many people praying for Denise that you will never know. We join with you in prayer for the mother of your children.
God will keep your heart and mind, and Denise's heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Kip and Cindy Andersen

August 02, 2005 1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are praying fervently for Denise and all of you. You have also been added to the prayer chain at Glendale Presbyterian. God is faithful and He will give you strength. Kathy Prosser

August 02, 2005 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Gina and I am a friend of Kristen's in Santa Barbara. First and foremost our prayers are with you all. I wanted to offer this up, don't know if it will make a difference. A few years ago my mother had a lung transplant. She is seen by Dr. David Ross at the UCLA Medical Center. I know that she has been through many emergencies involving her lung and infections,and they deal with lung issues on a daily basis. Dr. Ross and his team are incredible and experts in pulmonology (sp?). I have seen and heard of wonders they have done with their skills. If Denise's lungs continue to be of high concern, as I am reading it is, I would recommend this team as a consult. I am sure your doctor's know this info, but I didn't want to sit here with it in the slight case that they don't and perhaps they could ask Dr. Ross for his ideas.

August 02, 2005 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just received the websight from Pat Williams, my friend for 42 years. We have been connecting by phone. I am so grateful to be able to read the whole story directly from you, Phillip. You have created a beautiful tribute to your wife. This is such a great way to tell people what is happening. I have had people call me from my congregation, including our minister, to ask about Denise's condition. I'm able to give them the website and that's such a good idea. Since the entire church heard her story along with the prayer quilt we have had many concerned people ask. We are continuing to pray for her complete recovery and for you and all of the family. We care deeply for you, Barbara & Howard Gorton

August 04, 2005 8:02 AM  

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