Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Still waiting to find out about lung

Unfortunately, flipping Denise onto her front didn't have the effect it has before. They had the oxygen concentration cranked up to 100% and were getting about 92% saturation in her body.
*BUT* when I visited last night, Denise was on her back, oxygen was set to 65%, saturation was still about 92%. Same saturation with less oxygen. For those that will surely ask, I forgot to look at the PEEP (pressure for us lay people... maybe the had less pressure while proned). Anyway, we like less oxygen requirements. I'm eager (nervous) to talk to the doctor this morning & see what's up.

Thanks for all the notes being emailed to Denise's room. I read every one to her, then sticky-tack them on the wall in her room, and they're encouraging to me as well.


Anonymous Brigid Nelson said...

Here i am again going on the net and finding poems that i enjoy and hope that they serve all of you well. Denise again I love and miss you and want you to get well soon. Phil i love the fact that you have this website so every morning i can see what it going on. Everyone in Bloomington/Normal & Danvers, IL is "Pulling for Denise" God Bless. ~Brigid

Poem Title: Blessed With Angel Care

I don't suppose you've seen me for I'm too tiny to detect, but even though I am with you all the time. I doubt we have ever met.
Before I was an angel. I was a fairy in a flower. It was God himself who hand picked me and gave me angel power. For God has many angel's that he trains in angel pools, we become his eyes and hands, we become his special tools. But now since God is so busy with way to much to do, he told me that my assignment was. Was to keep a close watch on you, and not to never ever leave you. So when he tucked me into your pocket, he blessed you with angel care and I reasured him that I'd always be here.

©2002 Scentednice

August 04, 2005 9:43 AM  

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