Thursday, March 23, 2006

Headache, Dizzy, Rash, Nightmares, Dad's cancer news

Denise is having some emerging symptoms today. Mild headache (if severe, ID doctor says to go to emergency), some dizziness, and she was more tired today than she has been the past few days. She also has a mild rash on her. It doesn't look the same as the rash that appeared just before she went into the hospital (whew!), and it could just be a side-effect of one of the new meds that the neurologist put her on. She also had two bad dreams last night and one the night before. She was wondering if that was a side-effect of one of the meds as well. I'm probably a little over-sensitive to all of these things right now, but the appropriate doctors have been notified, just to cover all the bases. It's still looking like next Thursday will be her "graduation" day, barring any major crisis. I want so badly to throw her a huge party, but she just wants to be home where it's comfy & quiet. But there can always be a party later, right? Right.
She did well during her visit home for the evening with the family tonight. She continues to eat well and hold everything down. Jacob seems to have completely warmed up to her since she's been home for dinner these last few days. That's awesome to see!
Sadly, as Denise is improving in several ways, my dad's health is declining. Every now & then I throw in a tidbit of news about my dad's status with cancer, since so many of you that are following this blog know my parents as well. So here's an update. He's at the point where he's lost lots of weight (wieghs much less than me now, though he's half a foot taller), lost his hair, and he's having trouble breathing, as well as coughing up blood. Earlier in the week my folks found out the results of my dad's latest scan, and the tumors have grown significantly. That means that the clinical chemotherapy trial he was on didn't work. Today at the oncologist appointment the prognosis was estimated at about three months if nothing's done. Apparently another drug has recently become available and he may try that one. He's still going to southern gospel quartet concerts in the area, eating out with buddies, and trying as much as possible to do all the normal things. My folks are going to look into a retirement community very soon and start streamlining, possibly trying to sell their house as well. Yeah, lots of things going on these days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Phil! I'm happy for Denise's continued improvement and very sorry about your Dad. I lost my mother to cancer, so I know a little how it is. I'll be praying more for your Dad.

March 24, 2006 5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keeping Denise, your dad, and everyone in my prayers. Beki

March 24, 2006 10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continuing to keep you all in prayer. Sorry about your Dad. It is a blessing to see Denise relaxing at home and together with the kids.

God's continued blessing on each of you.

Athens, GA

March 24, 2006 4:22 PM  

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