Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cocci present in liver, probably in brain, too

The liver test came back positive for cocci. The doctors say it's probably in the brain, too. That's not surprising, as we knew that she'd always have the cocci disseminated in her system and have to be on antifungal meds the rest of her life to keep it from getting out of control. As far as what caused the liver numbers to go out of whack (they're getting better) and what caused the sever pain, I have some questions. I'd like to clarify if these things were due to a new cocci infection flare-up or due to the damage that the antifungal med (Diflucan) can cause. Both are possible, and the hospitalist thought it was the latter. The ID doctor and the hepatologist will compare notes today and tell us what they think.
As far as the brain issues and behavior goes, I wonder if that's due to new cocci infection, or withdrawls from the Reglan. The GI doctor thinks it's not Reglan-related, and I'd certainly think he'd know. But hospitalist said she's seen it happen before and told us that the neurologist thinks it's also Reglan-related.
Denise is eating well, and just might be getting her recommended calories *without* the use of the feeding tube. They're going to keep it in for a week or two, just in case, though. The hospitalist said that since all Denise's tests are done and she is doing well (as far as eating, being pain-free, emesis-free), there's no need to keep her at the hospital. She might get out tonight. I don't know if the intent is to send her back to the nursing facility or back home. The feeding tube is the big thing that was keeping her at the SNF, so if she doesn't need it currently they might not send her there. As much as I'd like her home (again, when she's good & ready), it would be nice to have her at the SNF for more observation & PT/OT.
More info later...


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We are praying, praying, praying! Give Denise a big hug for me ok?

March 17, 2006 7:15 PM  

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