Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Liver biopsy done, Waiting and seeing

Lots has happened yesterday & today, but nothing conclusive to report yet. Still waiting for lab results (some labs were sent to UC Davis, where they really know their Valley Fever). Here are the headlines... tomorrow I'll try to post the details.
- Liver biopsy was performed today
- Even if cocci infection is active (liver or brain), the treatment is appropriate and the level of the meds can be upped if needed
- Spinal tap shows no elevation in white cells (good... hopefully no infection) but elevated protein (I'm not entirely sure of the ramifications of this), nothing fungal is growing yet (but it can take up to two weeks to see the growth)
- Liver enzymes coming down again (Yay!)
- Feeding tube was unclogged today, but not hooked back up as of tonight
- Neuro doctor is changing around some meds to try and deal with the manic phases (no depression... she's either fairly normal or hyper), while also working with specialists to figure out what's going one
- She's eating fairly well and food's staying down
- Still no pain in the side, no painkiller needed
- Bright spots in the brain that showed up on the MRI are being discussed by the specialists
- The doctors are puzzled by the handful of recent symptoms coming and going, while Denise in general is improving in other ways
At this point I wonder what's worse: The cocci infection flaring up again in spite of being on the antifungal med for this long, or having something new come up to deal with.


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