Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still at SNF, Heps negative, First fall, Evening at home

Update to today's earlier post:
Denise cheered up as the day went on, plugging away at getting better. She seemed the most "herself" that she's been in a few days. And she's still at the SNF (skilled nursing facility), however chatter is increasing about getting her discharged. One of the options we thought of was to request her official discharge for next Thursday. At that time my nurse aunt will be back for another visit and we'd have Thursday and Friday as regular business days in case anything goes wrong. However that would use up more of her precious days in the SNF (100 per calendar year are covered, and she's used about half... it would be prudent to conserve them just in case). So there's a balancing act. They were supposed to do a blood draw today to see about the liver and electrolytes. If all's improving there, if she continues to be emesis-free (over a week, now), and if the seizures stay away, I'd feel more comfy about having her home earlier than later. As I'm sure you can understand, the last couple of hospital discharges have left me a little bit gun-shy (those of you that know me well are probably thinking, "Huh? Phil? Gun-shy?"). Maybe I should say apprehensive instead.
All hepatitis tests came back negative. Whew!
The OT had Denise working on math problems. During PT, Denise finally fell. It was a slow, graceful, controlled fall from a low elevation, so she's OK. This is the first fall she's had since learning to walk again. Not bad, especially considering that way back in November at Huntington's rehab, they told us that we should expect falls, and just to get back up and keep trying.
Denise got to come home for dinner with the family, bath time with the kids, and started them to bed. I had to leave before bath time to go to a meeting at school, but Denise's caregiver and my mom were on hand to make it a successful experience. And did I remember to snap a picture? No. Duh. Sorry. My goal is to pick her up from the SNF before dinner each night and get her back after we get the kids ready for bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds great, Phil! We will pray for positive home visits. Quite encouraging!
Ron and Terry

March 22, 2006 8:02 PM  

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