Friday, December 23, 2005

Discharge scheduled for tomorrow, Sick Jacob

Here is this year's Christmas picture. It was taken a couple of weeks ago in the courtyard just outside Denise's rehab building.
The countdown continues! One more day until Denise can come back home. Denise's PICC line was removed today. No more tubes, needles, or hoses! She's scheduled to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, probably around noon. She didn't visit home today because she had too much to do in the hospital. That's probably just as well... Jacob's running a fever. Just when I thought things couldn't get much more interesting or hectic, they did. Now I'm nervous about Denise coming home with a sick kid in the house. Pray that Denise doesn't get sick, nor the rest of us (me, Gracie, or Denise's parents & grandfather, who will be coming this weekend for Christmas).
I ran by Arcadia Methodist to drop off some Christmas goodies & a card to the CCU staff today. It's been a long time since I've dropped off junk food there, so I thought it was about time. Hmm... It's been a while since I've brought junk food to the USC crowd as well. The Arcadia Methodist nurses thought that Denise was looking pretty good, and were excited to see the picture of her walking that was posted to the blog the other day. One of the nurses said that if I bring Denise in, she'll wonder why she'll be surrounded by crying women. Denise doesn't remember being there, but the crew there sure remember her, and apparently people from many parts of the hospital are still following Denise's story. Anyway, there's a neat thing that happened at Arcadia Methodist that made the news today. The hospital provided treatment to a twelve-year-old girl that survived being shot in the head. The surgery she received wasn't available in her own country. Click here for the story. It should be available for the next two weeks.
Denise doesn't get hospital emails on weekends, and we anticipate her being at home after tomorrow. With these things in mind, I updated the link for sending her email. Clicking the "Email Denise at Home" link toward the right of the web page will now let you send email to her at home. And yes, I'll print it on foofy paper for her.


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