Sunday, December 18, 2005

Five Month Hospital Anniversary

Denise has been in the hospital for five months. We marked the anniversary (insert eye roll here) by going off the hospital grounds to the Thai restaurant again. On our date she ate well, and looked gorgeous as usual. During therapy she walked all the way around the floor again, and rolled around even more. She figures that if she can use a walker to go the 300 feet through the hallway, she can get around the house as well. She completed wrapping our Christmas gifts (it's part of her occupational therapy). I can see the improvement in the wrapping job over the last week. Looks like her coordination, strength, and endurance continue to improve slowly but surely. We want her to eat more.

Shortly after I got home tonight, the doorbell rang and a family sang & handed me a ham. Can life get any better? But my brain just couldn't get into gear... still swirling from all the thinking of hospitals, home care, holidays, the five-way conversation going on in my living room... and NOT thinking from lack of sleep last night. I couldn't place the faces. Oh no! The ham had a tag that I thought would have the names so I could refresh my memory & know who to thank, but it was the tag with cooking instructions. I feel so bad! So if you were the family that just blessed us tonight, please post a comment or email me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Phil, but it wasn't me.

December 19, 2005 8:30 AM  

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