Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Picture of Denise Walking, Cold feet warm up

Enough pictures of Denise in a wheelchair or bed-bound. Here's one of her walking again! That hand off to the right belongs to one of our favorite people: a physical therapist that's been working Denise's tail off and bringing about glorious moments like this one here.
I got to speak with the rehab doctor that's in charge of Denise, as well as her physical & occupational therapists. I'm much more comfortable about the thought of her coming home now, and some of the reasons follow. The rehab doctor assured me that if anything's wrong, she's not going home. She's been good enough to be allowed to leave for our lunch & dinner dates. To address my concerns, he's going to let me take Denise in the car (now that I know how to help her get in & out of it). We can go somewhere for a few hours tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Also, it's been longer than I thought it has since her seizure, and she's been doing fine. A nurse will be sent to the house to check on Denise each day, on top of the caregiver (that being me, initially) being there. Further sighs of relief came when the PT & OT told me that from their standpoint, she could've gone home a few days ago. Topping it all off was a visit from the infectious disease doctor tonight who told me that she's doing well (however will be on the antifungal meds for life).
Not much medically has gone on today. I haven't heard back anything from the endocrinologist that visited Denise a few days ago. Her rehab doctor also said that tomorrow we should hear how her liver's doing. She's still eating well and the food's staying down. When the kids & arrived for tonight's meal, Denise had already finished eating... but still packed away some of the food that we brought. As you can see from the picture, she could use the extra food & extra pounds.


Anonymous PCS Mom said...

Mr. Williams,
What an answer to prayer to see your wife up and walking. I just want to say that her countenance looks better and she seems to have color and all. How sweet to see the Lord's healing. She looks so cute! We keep pulling for her and may the Lord make everything fall into its orderly place.
:c) A PCS mom

December 20, 2005 10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denise looks so much better!! I know that God is with her and will make her transition home go smoothly. I must say, I'm going to miss your blog once your life gets back to "normal" but I am so very thankful to God for bringing your family through this!!! May Denise continue to get stronger each and every day!!

December 21, 2005 8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a blessing!!! Denise, you look great! Especially considering all that you've been through! You go, girl!

December 21, 2005 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOOKING GREAT DENISE! I can't believe how far you have come. You are so strong and i wish the best for you. All of the Nelson's and also the Metzdorff's Want to Say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!

December 21, 2005 6:11 PM  

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