Thursday, September 01, 2005

Step back? Gross good news

I've heard that this ordeal can be described as "two steps forward, one step back." We're at a step back, or perhaps a pause. Denise's oxygen concentrations are at 50% (been at 30 for several days), heart rate racing (I'd seen as high as 157), still dealing with fevers. They're not going to push weaning her off of the ventilator. She didn't want to be in the cardiac chair even 15 minutes today, and she was very out of it every time I saw her (not much today, as I had my second day of teacher orientations). Bummer, as I'd been getting used to interacting with her for the past few days. It'd be nice to see her alert, breathing & pulsing more comfortably, and happy more of the time.

It turns out that the indium scan did indeed show some abnormality around the right kidney. But the CT scan showed it to be OK. They did find a small pocket of fluid at a muscle between the thigh & back. Could just be blood. Could be an abcess (unlikely, as it would have lit up with the indium scan). So I signed the form to have her jabbed again (with help from the ultrasound machine so they avoid poking anything they don't want to poke). Let's hope that tomorrow's probe will shed light on why the fevers & ab swelling persist.

They're going to do a "resting energy expenditure" test. It's a test that measures the oxygen going in and the carbon dioxide coming out in order to figure out how many calories she's using. The thought is that maybe she's breaking down protein because she's not getting enough to "eat." They'll also do a thyroid check. I told the doctor that there was no family history of thyroid problems. Then I found out tonight that there are supposed to be some problems on her dad's side. So family that's reading this blog, sound off if there are any thyroid problems so I can clue in Denise's team. They'll also do an endocrine check. No stone unturned, you know.

And now for the gross good news... I know that when Denise wakes up and reads what I'm about to share with all of you, she'll chase me around the house with a rolling pin. But it really is a nice bit of news, considering the effects of the colitis lately.
Denise only pooped once today.
We can all be happy. The nurses today may be the happiest of all.


Anonymous Cindy Wert said... mother (Beulah) and my brother (Hank) both had and have thyroid problems. My mother had nodules on her thyroid and they had to do surgery to remove most or all of it. My brother had cancer of the thyroid and had to have that taken care of as well as some kind of radiation pill. He can correct me or give you more details on his ordeal. You may also be able to get more detailed info on my mom from Dad. I will speak with him today and see if he can call someone with more info. I personally have not had any problems with my thyroid, but the doctor does keep an eye on it just in case.

Hope this helps! Love and prayers to all of you.


September 02, 2005 6:39 AM  
Anonymous alyson and paul metzdorff said...

after I delivered Isabella, I have had some considerable issues with my thyroid as well, I was put on a medicine to control my thyroid as well as a medicine to keep my heart rate at a normal level, it only lasted for about 8 months, but they keep a close eye on me as well, if you would like to know what medicine I took I can call up my endocronoligist and ask.On the other hand I am right in line with grandma and my dad. I am sure denise will be fine, the thyroid is easy to take care of. love and miss you all.
alyson, paul and isabella

September 02, 2005 12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey at my age pooping can be a big deal! Thyroid can cause alot of wierd stuff from racing heart, high blood pressure, arithnmias, tremmers and a hole bucnh of stuff you wouldn't think would be related.
Phill just to let you all have been in my prayers. You are a inspiration of faith.

Love and prayers. Dolores

September 02, 2005 8:34 PM  

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