Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nerve conduction normal, vent weaning beginning

I just got a call from the doctor with mostly good news. Here's the good stuff:
No sedative for over 24 hours; she's really awake & alert this morning. Any time she's asleep it's just that: she's exhausted & sleeping. They're changing her over to a vent mode that allows her do more breathing on her own, so I guess the weaning process will officially begin later today. The neurologist's opinion is that Denise's nerve conduction is normal, and her muscle strength should come back after extensive rehab (but at least there's no damage detected, and we can chalk up one more miracle). The extreme muscle weakness is perceived as being due to meds, breaking down muscle for protein since she can't absorb protein through the gut, and maybe just completing six weeks in the hospital.
The concerns:
They tagged her blood cells yesterday and should perform the scan today to find where the mystery infection is located. Still vomiting, dealing with colitis (and the goodies that go along with that). Some electrolyte imbalances, nutritional problems, frustration at inability to move, speak, use the restroom, etc. I need to fall asleep (sleep aids knock me out for way too long). And of course, there's a long, long time away from home & family ahead of us.
Thank you, family, friends, professionals, prayer warriors, and happy thought thugs... I'm glad you're all in our corner!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil - our God is truely a God of many miracles! We're continuing to pray with you for Denise's complete healing, & also for peace & refreshing for you. I thought that Denise might like to know that Josh's mom & 3 others from Fresno First Baptist will be in Nigeria next week volunteering at an HIV/Aids clinic & we will be doing our praying for her from the other side of the world. I expect that next week there will be some new voices of African believers praying & praising the Lord for her healing along with the rest of us Westerners!

August 31, 2005 11:42 PM  

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