Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nothing got worse, Map help

Denise is still very ill, we're still waiting to see what happens. Nothing got worse today, most numbers stayed about the same, some numbers got better. Keep pulling for us. Somebody posted a comment that I loved: " We have no pull of our own for Denise except our persistent tugging, even yanking it seems, on the Master's robe." Yup.

The temp went under 100 tonight, white blood cell count went down to 12.4. These might possibly indicate a subsiding infection (please, please, please). All the same antibiotics are going. Liver function still bad. Kidney function is about the same. She was on dialysis when I left tonight. Blood pressure medicine (Levophed?) was decreased to 9 micrograms/minute (was 50/minute Saturday night), and blood pressure is still holding at 103-115 systolic. Hemoglobin went down to 9.7, so she got another unit of blood tonight. Bowel sounds were good and they restarted her gastro tube feeding this morning at a slow rate. So far she's tolerating it well (yay!).

Denise wrote again that she wanted to get into a wheelchair. My aunt was brushing Denise's hair earlier, and Denise wrote "shave it" or "shove it." Being that both were plausible sentiments, and we couldn't tell which she wanted us to do, we did neither. Other than that, and showing off her leg strength during physical therapy, she was tired & resting most of the day.

Map Help for the Map Helpless
From my cousin (webmaster@stonebrew.com if you need more help)
"I've had a few times where the server is not responding due to the load. It usually comes up within a few seconds after hitting reload.

Here's my instructions on how to use it...
Drag the map back and forth until you have your location centered, then zoom in a little. Repeat this until you've found where you want to place a marker and click (give it a moment). It will popup a little form asking you to leave your name, a message, a link and choose what color marker you want to leave. The link field you can leave blank. You can click satellite mode in the top right if you want to be sure you're marking your house exactly. The hybrid mode is a mix of both views that will show you a satellite view with street names overlaid on the map.

If you're still having problems, let me know and tell me what type of browser you are using. I can add a pin for you if need be."


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