Monday, August 15, 2005

Physical Therapy Starting, Less Vent Pressure

I didn't hear from the doctor until very late today. This is good. Usually, the earlier I hear something, the worse things are. OR I may have heard from him late today because he just became a daddy this morning. One of the nurses said she thought she saw him early this morning. Then his wife had a baby. Then he called to touch base with me later in the day. Wow. That's dedication.
Things are fairly stable today. The same problems are still being problematic. She needed another unit of blood to get the hemoglobin count back to acceptable levels. Still battling colitis & infections. Still needing ultra-high amounts of protein. Still very, very sick.
But on the good side, a physical therapist started Denise's first session today. This will be no surprise to those of you that know Denise's love of dancing, but her strongest movements (really the only movements) were in the legs & feet.
The vent pressure was lowered a little bit more. So Denise is doing the work of breathing a little bit more on her own and still maintaining decent oxygenation.
The ascites looked to me like it was going down a little. Then again, it's hard to notice the change. Kind of like watching grass grow.
Denise liked hearing the emails read to her today. They don't get printed out on the weekends. There's an avalanche of them on Mondays. They put smiles on her face. They're weak smiles, but that's the best she can manage right now. Thanks so much for them! Keep them coming! Thanks also for the emails sent to our home account & for the phone calls, too. While I'm not as good as I usually am at responding, know that I'm getting them all and being encouraged.
:O) Phil


Anonymous alyson and paul metzdorff said...

I thought I would drop you a line on a website I thought might be helpful for you and the kids as well as denise, when it comes to explaining things about baby danny...its the march of dimes web site, I browsed through for a bit and it is very helpful and so I thought I would pass on the info that I had I found. make sure you give denise a hug and tell her its from alyson. we love you guys and keep you in our prayers.
alyson, paul and isabella

August 15, 2005 8:47 PM  

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