Saturday, August 13, 2005

p.aeruginosa found

The culture from the fluid draw they did the other day (paracentesis is what it's called) showed nothing of concern so far (let's hope it stays that way). But the swab that the ObGyn did showed growth of the p. aeruginosa bacteria. The "p" stands for "pseudomonas." The "p" also stands for "pretty darn resistant to antibiotics." Apparently there's currently only one antibiotic (Primaxin) that can lick this bacteria, so they'll try that. I just now looked it up and saw that it's got Imipenem as a component. I remember that name because I already joked in an earlier post that Denise likes Stan Getz doing "Girl from Ipanema" and Denise had become the "Girl on Imipenem." Why it was apparently tried before and we still have this infection to deal with, I don't understand. Then again, I don't understand most of the work they do in the CCU. By the way, television E.R. has nothing on the CCU.
I'm waiting to get more info on the SPT (mentioned Thursday August 9) that we may be dealing with as well.
Fevers tickled 104 again last night (hadn't gotten that high in a couple days), and were down around 99 by the time I left earlier this afternoon.
Blood workup is still not great, but stable. My understanding is that additional transfusions could be counterproductive to fighting the infection(s). So they're giving Denise iron instead of red cells to help with the oxygenation.
They also stopped the SoluMedrol steroid drip. Apparently it works against one of the antibiotics. Since the steroid was primarily given to reduce inflammation in the lung to improve oxygenation, and the new ventilator is taking up that slack in accomplishing that end, they felt it was the wisest move to discontinue the steroid for now. That'll give the meds the best chances to hammer the infections.
The Tygacil was also stopped, as it apparently doesn't combat what was anticipated to be the problem.

Denise's overnight nurse went to Pasadena Christian School from kindergarten through 8th grade, graduating in the year that I started teaching there (1994-1995). All the old PCS teachers reading this can be proud of Michelle Gower. She took real good care of my wife.

Yesterday, Denise was waking up again, and I was reading all of the emails to her that were received that day. One of them was from one of Denise's friends. The email described a dream in which our friend saw Denise well and happy. I read that aloud and then related a dream I had a few weeks ago in which I was a kid, walking down the school hallway, and everyone was laughing and pointing at me. When I sat down in my desk and got my books out, I realized that I had forgotten to put on all my clothes and was only wearing my underpants. Denise opened her eyelids, rolled her eyes, and shook her head a little. Without moving her lips, she said, "Honey, you're a buffoon." For this, I was happy.
Needless to say, I hope that our friend's dream comes to pass, and mine does not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil- Deni just read with me your update for today. We both laughed at the dream you had and Deni then commented "He is truly a remarkable man". We both decided that the way you have kept us informed how Denise was doing has been done in such a way that we felt we were there with you and able to know what was going on. Thank you so much Shirley and Deni

August 13, 2005 8:34 PM  
Anonymous mary anne cheraz said...

I have been gone on vacationf and just returneqd late lastg night (Ruby is helping me type this little note!) aa can you decipher? :) ANYwayaa, regarding your child care concerns, we live close by and when school starts, I will have Monday and TUesdays off (I work half time). Can we help you in some way? Tell Denise, we sure do love you all and have been praying frequently and with our children at every meal and at night time.... I think the prayers of children are so very powerful!!!!! I have such fond memories of hanging out with Denise, maybe she will enjoy them, too. I always think of Denise and I singing in the car, "This is the story of a GIRL (We'd shout that word), cried a river and drowned the whole WORLD, when she looked at me in photographs I absolutely love her when she SMILES... DUn, dun, dun Then we'd laugh hysterically!!! Maybe, one of her sisters could sing a few bars from Mary Anne. Also, I think of the time when we went to see BRING IT ON, and we were the only adults in a sea of junior highers and we laughed so hard at that movie....Being silly with Denise is so much fun. And I remember Denise coming to some of my infertility blood work visits and just making me laugh and laugh. Thank you Denise so much. I love you !
Mary Anne

August 14, 2005 8:10 AM  

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