Friday, August 12, 2005

New lung hole, more sedation, infection concerns

Well, Denise has indeed developed another pneumothorax (lung hole) according to the x-rays. It's smaller than the first one, but they still had to sedate her again to put in another lung tube to allow the air & fluid to drain. So she's sleeping again. Still, yesterday was a nice bit of encouragement!
The doctor told me that there was something found in the fluid taken from the pelvic region yesterday. The standard bacteria/virus/fungus waiting game still applies: gotta wait 48-72 hours for cultures. Preliminary word is that it might be something that's pretty resistant, though I didn't get the specific name. Hopefully, the infectious disease doctor will have spoken to Denise's main doctor by the time I get back to the hospital and I can report to you all what she might be dealing with later tonight.
I haven't heard anything about Denise's blood workup today. I assume that it might be stable (but still bad and cause for concern, treatment, and of course, a whole lotta prayer.
Oh, yesterday I said the brand-spankin' new antibiotic that they were trying with Denise was Tygracil. I accidentally added an "r" that didn't belong. The stuff is Tygacil. Still pretty new, though, approved just June 15th.
Denise is going to be moved to a room with a view later tonight. It's still in the CCU. They want to start to get her on a schedule... "awake" during the day, sleeping at night. One change is that even family will have to clear out by 10pm or so. As much as we've loved having someone there for her 24 by 7 for a few weeks, this should be a good thing. Denise won't be tempted to stay awake in the middle of the night if one of us is there. And the rest of us will get some much-needed sleep (and we'll finally be on a schedule as well). I know I'll be making fewer 1am stops at In-n-Out Burger. As hard as it might be, this will help us take one more step toward normalcy. Speaking of visits, I should probably state again that they really only want family visiting for a while. If you show up to visit without one of us with you, or without me calling ahead to clear you, they will likely politely turn you away. That said, we're all humbled by how many of you have come by to visit. She's well-loved, as evidenced by the many cards, entries in the guest book, and goodies left for her in the room.

Thanks for so many suggestions via email for how to handle any questions about losing baby Danny. The O.B. thought it best to wait until Denise is fully awake before discussing this, as we don't want to traumatize her repeateldy through the amnesia caused by the sedative. Just once would be better. Last night she sort of pulled my hand to her tummy and hit my hand against it. I explained that she had a bunch of new tubes, including one to her stomach, and there was a bunch of swelling, so things don't feel right. I need some wisdom, people. Hard to figure out what to tell the kids and Denise to keep the trauma to a minimum.

On a *very* positive note, I was thinking this morning of how good I have it when it comes to where I live. Last night, one of Gracie's toys fell and broke the only phone jack in the house that we can use with our DSL modem for internet access (to my partners in geekiness who will ask... we've got a weird/special setup... none of the other jacks will work). Anyway, I've got a neighbor that does electrical stuff. Turns out he does phone stuff, too. And at odd hours of the night. Thanks to him, we can do this update today. Another neighbor brought dinner unannounced on just the perfect night. I can't remember what day it is, and another neighbor knows that, as evidenced by my trash cans always being by the curb when they need to be. The lawn is not only not dead, it's been mown & edged a few times. We were treated to some fine black cherry ice cream, deliverd to our door a while back. Quiche for breakfast, delivered hot. When our van pooped out, it was repaired by a friend of a neighbor (who I would consider a bona fide neighbor any day). Lots of "How's she doing?" being asked when I drive to or from the hospital. "Love thy neighbor" has been put into practice on my block in a way that's not to common in most neighborhoods. I wish everyone had neighbors like I've got, and I look forward to returning the good deeds. Thanks, neighbors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil, I have been following your blogs while traveling and want to rejoice with you in the good news of Denise waking up, and continue to pray for her as her body, doctor and most of all the Lord, deal with the new problems. I pray for wisdom and peace for you as you share with her the loss of Danny boy. God bless, Karen Shaw

August 12, 2005 9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let the Spirit guide you in your words as it approaches time to explain everything that has happened with Denise and Daniel. He will give you the words to speak, and He will give you peace in delivering them. We think and pray for you and Denise and Gracie and Jake baby daily. Casslyn prays every night that God brings Denise out of the hospital so that she can be a mommy at home again. She also prays (in her 4 year old words) that Gracie feels better and is not sad.

We miss you all.
Rachel and Matt

August 12, 2005 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God for your neighbors who have blessed you so! I am so encouraged to hear that they have taken you under their wing. Love thy neighbor, indeed. Another blessing the Lord has showered on you all through this. Praise Him!

August 13, 2005 1:41 AM  

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