Wednesday, August 06, 2014

A Long-Awaited Surgery & New Insurance

After struggling with insurance (the doctors & surgeons were on our side) and enduring a change of medical insurance providers at work, on July 9 Denise finally had a surgery we've been trying to get her for over a year. The new insurance company called to say the surgery had been approved 19 1/2 hours before she was scheduled to arrive for pre-op.

Intestines & muscles are finally back where they belong, issues from G & J tubes, abscesses, catabolic-weakened tissue, hernias all taken care of. So much abdominal damage secondary to her cocci infection will hopefully be a thing of the past, and she can feel more normal again. She wasn't in much pain, surgeon did a terrific job. Many thanks to my aunt for being our in-house RN for a few days after the surgery. When she left I went back into caregiver mode. I'm grateful that I'm a teacher and able to be available during summer as she recovers. Today she went for her first long-ish walk up & down our block. See that walker off to the side of the photos? She didn't even use it. Four weeks after surgery and recovering nicely.


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