Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 2007 Update: Brain damage healing

A big milestone for Denise is that we did some swing dancing at a friend’s house. Denise exhibited incredible balance and coordination. Dancing for her is like riding a bike for most people… once it’s learned, it’s never forgotten.
I, on the other hand, was as lame as ever, but still had a great time dancing with her!

Super news in the brain damage department! The most recent MRI showed only “one punctate lesion” (that’s one point of damage that lit up). The MRI before this one showed multiple lesions. So that means that things are healing! I must admit that part of me wants another MRI, just to be sure. It seems too good to be true!
The February cocci titer came back “negative” for cocci, but it wasn’t sent to the usual lab at U.C. Davis. My school changed insurance companies beginning in February, and getting the cocci tests to be handled by the preferred lab is one of the small issues to work out. The I.D. doctor said that the lab that handled the most recent titer isn’t as sophisticated. We think that we have everything straightened out now, though. Cerebral spinal fluid is still negative for cocci.
Liver: alk phos is at 158. That’s down from where it was last time, and another notch toward normal.
Denise feels like her vision is improving (she’s partially blind in one eye from the cocci). We’re going to get her to a retinologist to see if the eye lesions have resolved and have a look at the optic nerve (it was swollen about a year ago at the last exam).
She’s been having ab swelling and we’ve been advised to pay a visit to the gastrointerologist again. The change in body shape has been very frustrating for Denise. She’s been doing aerobics and eating healthy, but it’s been hard to get back to her normal pre-illness weight. The neuro meds she’s on can cause weight gain by changing metabolism and increasing appetite. This was helpful when she couldn’t hold food down and weighed in at 83 pounds, but she says it’s getting a little old now.
The neurologist wants us to try lowering the Risperdal again. Denise’s on such a low dose, she almost might as well not be on it at all. But the last few times we've gone lower, we felt the need to go back to the current level again. Denise would rather be off of this med, as it also can make her pretty tired. Once the Risperdal is gone, the only other med to ween off of is the Trileptal (and Denise has been seizure-free for almost a year!).


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