Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 2007 Update: No cocci in CSF, liver normal

We're having a very Happy New Year so far and hope to have many more!
During my school’s Christmas break, we paid visits to Methodist Hospital in Arcadia and to the office of Denise’s doctor from USC. These two guys called the shots that pulled Denise back from death over & over again. They seemed about as happy as I am to see Denise alive & well. And below are pics that include just some of the people that were on the teams that worked so hard for Denise (some of these pics are from before our Christmas vacation visit, and this web site doesn't have the capacity to let me post all the pictures I wanted to upload). We hope to make it by USC University Hospital and Huntington Hospital to thank the crews there as well.

Visits to the specialists have been fewer and farther between as time goes on. This month, there were no appointments. We’re glad for that.
Last month’s visits to the specialists were loaded with good news! The cocci titer came in at 1:16. No evidence of cocci was detectable in the cerebral spinal fluid. Liver enzymes were normal (amazing, considering how bad her liver function was). Denise had an MRI to see if the damage to her brain has healed over the last year or so. We’ll get results during next month’s appointments. Lexapro was discontinued (antidepressant, neither Denise nor I thought she needed it, but neurologist thought it’d be good to have her on a low dose, just in case).


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