Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Drivers, Mattress, Reception, Fund

The details of Denise's GI appointment from last Friday are still being processed into layman's terms for me to understand and pass on to you. In the mean time, here's one big call for help. I'm usually the "go-to" guy for things, so this is more than a little humbling. Here goes.

Drivers needed:
We are looking for people that would be available during the daytime to drive Denise from Duarte to Pasadena for appointments. Lunch will typically be in it for you, and of course, we'd kick in for gas money, take care of parking, provide a clear map, and send along relevant medical info for the doctor (so you won't have to memorize this blog). Denise is not able to drive and her caregiver is working on a license, but that'll be a while in coming. At this point we're down to 2 appointments per week, so if 8 people could throw their names into the hat, that'd be about once a month for everyone. In an ideal world, we could piggyback the appointments. But specialists are usually in their offices one day per week, and too many appointments in a day exhausts Denise. My aunt the nurse has been driving up from Escondido so I don't have to miss a day's work (& pay) to take Denise to her appointments. She's been generous with her time & talent (and gasoline) far beyond our wildest expectations, but she has a life, work & family, too. Just hoping to spread out the workload a bit.

Mattress needed:
We are looking for a used, yet clean, full or double (futon-sized) mattress for the kids. Currently they're on a futon mattress that's pretty worn down and hard. It's a temporary thing until Denise doesn't need a live-in caregiver anymore and the kids have their own rooms again (with twin mattresses to take up less real estate). So we were trying to borrow first and not buy. If you have one available, please contact us. I can pick up.

Reception help:
The reception for Denise is Saturday June 17, 2pm - 4pm at Pasadena Christian School. I jumped into planning a reception for her, not thinking that I've already got my hands full (and things are squishing out from betwixt my fingers, like Pla-Doh). As a result, I envision it simple for the miracle gal: cake, cookies, punch, balloons, people that have pulled for Denise. If you're a cookie-baking sort, balloon-inflating pro, or have a mean punch recipe, and feel like helping out, let me know.

Williams Family Fund:
The following is an email from my aunt, the nurse. She wanted me to put this in the blog. I think she's holding for ransom the layman's details of Denise's GI appointment from last Friday until I post this...

From the nurse aunt:
On 4/23 this was one of the comments on the blog in response to the details of where Phil's Dad requested donations be made.
anonymous said...
You all are in my prayers and while I know those are worthy organizations (and my own father benefited from the Salvation Army ministry as a poor child growing up in Pasadena), how would one go about donating to another of your father's favorite causes, namely the Phil Williams Family Fund?
Please post the info again. Thank you. A sister in Christ.

I'm Phil's nurse aunt. Phil won't ask for help but I will for him. Just because Denise is home doesn't mean the costs of an illness as severe as what Denise had are over. The bills are now coming in and will continue. As will the copays for PT and visits with a long list of specialists and the need for continued caregiver services at home and childcare. Dick told Phil one of the reasons he held on and went through more chemo was to see Denise get home. He did that and I know he would want to see Phil and Denise get some well needed assistance with these costs. Just like the loaves and fishes, I've seen God take little amounts and do great things. I am asking that each of us give a little in Phil's Dad's name, Dick Williams, to the Williams Family fund to assist with the ongoing costs of this illness. I know Dick would have liked that.
Yours in Christ,
Nurse Aunt (Jackie)
Here's the link: Williams Family Fund
Make check payable to Diane Evans, indicate "Williams Fund" in the memo. Mail to:
Attn: Diane Evans
Pasadena Christian School
1515 N. Los Robles Ave.
Pasadena CA 91104
Or use Paypal to send donations to